Why overloading your website can be a turn off to your potential clients.

Your website is your virtual real estate. It often determines in the snap of a finger whether or not you capture your client, or send them running the other way. It can be tempting to overload the patrons of your site with details but in today’s society people want the scoop, and they want it fast.

This is the typical thought process of a persons first visit to your site –

What can you do for me, and how much will it cost me?

You have about 8 seconds to stand out, answer clearly, and convince them to choose you.

This is where clean simplicity comes into play. People are constantly inundated with online clutter. Ads are everywhere, in their inbox, on facebook, youtube. People are becoming either immune to ads, or extremely annoyed by the cyber clutter that invades their online experience.  So when they land on your webpage, giving their senses a break, and directing them where they want in a clean, stress free, and direct way can actually be a relief for them and on many levels make them want to hang around. The longer they hang around, the easier they are to capture. The best thing to remember when it comes to choosing a design for your website is this –

People don’t necessarily want what you want, or what you want them to want. Find out what makes your audience tick, and throw out your personal preferences. This doesn’t mean your website can’t have a touch of your own style, but overdoing it can be a big turn off. In other words – forget you, and think of who your business serves.


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