Our Team

Copious J is all about teamwork. Coming together to improve your business is what makes us ‘tick’.

Due to the nature of our business we not only have team members that we work with, but we have developed relationships and partnerships with companies who hold similar values when it comes to helping your business grow. Due to the nature of our contracts (mainly the deep discounts that we negotiate), we cannot disclose all of our partnerships. But we would love for you to meet our core team members. These are the folks that make sure the job gets done right.


Jennifer Winchester Owner and Manager Copious JOwner & Manager – Jennifer Winchester

Jennifer offers her years of experience as an entrepreneur coupled with both college level and industry level business and technology training to her clients so that they can achieve their goals in business. She handles all of the aspects of website design and management personally while overseeing project management in other areas of the company. Her goal is to make Copious J a company that not only provides great services, but one that equips business owners with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Giving back to the community is equally as important to her – “The change America needs has to start at the grass roots level, and I believe that entrepreneurship is a key component to the recovery of the American economy, and to the livelihood of American’s everywhere.┬áIf you want to empower the people, you have to empower their pocketbooks.”


Shona BAdministrative Assistant – Shona Barnes

Shona Barnes has several years experience in the field of virtual assisting. Her excellent customer service and administrative skills add a level of organization and excellency to our team. She has a variety of connections in the arena of virtual assisting that allow our company to reach beyond East Texas and tap into a global talent pool which in turn assures that we maintain high quality services across the board.




Virtual Assistants Team

Our virtual assistant team helps to ensure that we can cover all bases when it comes to client’s needs and expectations. Our VA’s have proven themselves to be excellent at the things they do best. They often times help us to put your project togeather much faster than it would otherwise be if we had one individual doing it alone. All of their work is supervised, tested, and checked for quality before it gets to the client. To find out more about what our VA team can do for you check out our Virtual Hourly Services page.