Copious J Expands Client Services – Nothing Less than The Best


It has always been the goal of Copious J to help small businesses thrive. As a result of the confidence that our clients have in our ability to deliver, and to conduct honest business, our company and services are  growing at a fast pace. Our clients have continued to ask for additional services because they know that we care about their success, and that we get the job done right. In our continued effort to become one of the most sought after small business solutions firm, we have been diligently seeking to form partnerships with outstanding companies that will service our clients according to our standards and expectations.

We have recently partnered with a US owned, and operated SEO services company that provides custom white hat, organic SEO services that will help our clients to rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Besides more of the right people finding your website/business, what does this mean for our clients? We are glad you asked.

1. Our experience and knowledge keeps the crooks away –

Unfortunately, the technology industry is full of people who are going to promise you the moon and the stars, charge you an arm and a leg and leave you hanging to dry. Why? Because they can. They can do it because most small business owners simply don’t know what to look for in services like internet marketing or SEO. It’s all they can do to manage day to day operations and still have time for their family, and to enjoy the fruit of their labor. Finding the time to learn enough about things like website optimization, key – words, Google algorithms, links, content management and more is nearly impossible. At Copious J we know what will hurt and what will help your online presence. We have weeded through tons of companies to find those who offer excellent service, and great results at a reasonable price.

2. We manage relationships, while you take care of your clients –

You know the value in this if you have ever employed someone who required constant supervision. Maintaining relationships in business can be tough, time consuming, and . We hold our partners accountable for their services, and maintain agreements while monitoring service quality. We bundle services so that services like SEO and Social Media work together in harmony – not against each other.

3. We obtain deep discounts with great companies –

As a service provider, we are able to negotiate rates, and obtain exclusive discounts for our clients, often times saving them 25% or more off of retail rates. When it comes to technology services, that means you may literally save thousands per year while obtaining a greater level of service.

So in short, if you are looking for a high quality SEO services, look no further. Copious J is to handle it, so that you can do what you do best. Contact us today for a free SEO services quote. We are currently in negotiations with a Social Media Management company and anticipate being able to offer our clients these services beginning October 2014.