Here are a few of our frequently asked questions.

Q. Do I have to have an idea in order for you to help me?
A. No. While we welcome and nurture all types of ideas, some of our clients are just needing a second stream of income, and some are just wanting to learn technology for personal use. If you are looking for a second stream of income a Second Stream team member can provide suggestions that fit well with your lifestyle and goals. If you have an idea we can help you to refine it without stripping it’s originality.
Q. What makes you different from the Small Business Association or SBA?
A. We are really an entirely different machine than the SBA. First of all, we are in no way associated with any government. Not federal, not state, not local. For us this means that we can provide you with what you really need instead of what bureaucrats think you need. Sometimes that can be two totally different things. While the SBA can be helpful to some small businesses, their structured, forced, one size fits all approach is just not a good fit for many entrepreneurs. At times it can be very discouraging. They tend to have an approach that says ‘This is the only way it is done‘ while we have an approach that says ‘There are many ways you can do this, there is A,B, and C – which do you feel is best for your concept and lifestyle?’.  SBA is about numbers (we don’t hold it against them, they have to be), we are about you. We offer viable solutions to fit your situation instead of trying to make your situation fit into our solution.
Q. What kind of technology classes do you teach?
A. Basic Personal Computer – The basics of using and navigating your personal computer. We touch lightly on Windows, Microsoft Word, Media Player, Internet Browser and a few other basic applications and tools that are most commonly used for personal use. You will learn how to save, print, and organize documents as well as set up email and other popular online activities. We also go over basic smart phone setup and operation. This class requires a series of sessions.
Small Business Showcase – We go over the most popular, useful, and widely used online applications that you need to know in order to get your business online. This class content changes as applications are always being updated. If a group class is being taken, we cover content that is pertinent to the businesses in the class, because contractors don’t need to know about Etsy.
Young Entrepreneurs Class – We go over various types of businesses and methods of conducting business that are feasible for young people with an entrepreneur spirit. We can specialize in topics such as selling online, writing for a living, using social media for your business and more.
Internet safety class – In this class we make it our job to help you avoid becoming a victim online. Topics range from preventing viruses to protecting your information, and smart social media practices. The truth is there are a lot of bad guys out there, and what you don’t know can and probably will, hurt you.
We also provide customized classes for corporations and schools. All private tutoring sessions are catered very specifically to your needs.  Please contact us today to find out more.
Q. Do you provide a computer for me to learn on?
A. No. The reasoning behind this is because it is always best to learn on your computer. During the process of the classes, we will adjust settings and personalize your computer to help make a more user friendly experience. If you do not have your own computer, we will consider tutoring you at the Longview Public Library. This requires you to have a library card. If you wish to buy a computer, we can make some suggestions according to your needs.